Sunday, 19 May 2013

Top 10 Episodes: How I Met Your Mother


As the 8th season of How I Met Your Mother came to an end recently and we finally caught a glimpse of the titular mother character, it seems as good a time as any to take a look back on the finest moments of the often comical yet equally heart-warming show.

1. Come On (S1, E22)My very favourite episode for the perfect way in which it contrasts Ted/Robin's eventual hook-up and Lily/Marshall's tragic breakup. The final 5 minutes of Come On are the very reason I love How I Met Your Mother- a perfect, genuinely moving pay off that defines the trademark blend of humour and emotion the series is renowned for. All to the sound of Bloc Party's ''This Modern Love'', another aspect that the series always had right with its excellent soundtrack.

2. The Playbook (S5, E8)The ultimate episode for the show's breakout character as Barney attempts to deal with his breakup from Robin by taking out his playbook and executing some of his finest swindles, scams and hoodwinks in hilarious fashion. Highlights include The He's Not Coming, The Don't Drink That, The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, and of course, The Scuba Diver. Legen-wait for it-dary.

3. Slap Bet (S2, E9)A verified classic of the series as we are introduced to Robin Sparkles- the Canadian's secret teenage pop star alias. Her rendition of ''Let's Go To The Mall'' and the group's reaction is undoubtedly one of the show's best moments.

4. The Platinum Rule (S3, E11)This is probably the definitive example of  the shows brilliant editing techniques as Barney attempts to convince Ted not to date Stella (who would later leave him at the alter) by providing examples of the gang's most awkward relationships and their inevitable endings.

5. Spoiler Alert (S3, E8)Another great group episode as each of the characters flaws are exposed- Ted's correcting, Marshall's singing, Barney's catchphrases, Robin's word over usage and Lily's loud snacking makes for a great episode that ends with a nice moment as Marshall gets his lawyers degree.

6. Girls Vs. Suits (S5, E12)
The show marked its 100th episode with a captivating musical number by Barney as he attempted to choose between his two favourite things in the world. Meanwhile, Ted dates Cindy, who can't seem to get over her roommates habit of stealing her boyfriends, which it turns out she would be doing once again later on down the line as she is revealed to be the future Mrs. Ted Mosby and mother to his children.

7. How I Met Everyone Else (S3, E5)A trip down memory lane for the gang as they recollect how each of them came to know each other. Hilarity ensues as we take a look at Ted's first meeting with Barney, Lily and Marshall which causes problems between our main character and his crazy new girlfriend ''Blah Blah''.

8. Perfect Week (S5, E14)Another excellent Barney episode as the notorious womanizer goes for the ultimate prize- a perfect week long string of hook up's that is almost thwarted by Lily last minute. Ted also has a problem with a student in class who goes by the name of Poo.

9. Life Among The Gorillas (S1, E17)STEAK SAUCE! Marshall's work buddies make this episode their own as they taunt him for not being one of their kind. In turn Marshall enlists Barney to teach him Reservoir Dogs style how to become a bro. Elsewhere Ted is struggling to stay in touch with long-distant girlfriend Victoria while Robin is realizing her true feelings for Ted.

10. Okay, Awesome (S1, E5)Every series has that moment where it all clicks into place and starts to make sense. Okay Awesome was that for HIMYM as the gang visited a city centre nightclub only to realise in their own individual ways that they weren't as young and suited to New York nightlife as they thought anymore.

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The Pineapple Incident (S1, E10)
Swarley (S2, E7)
Ten Sessions (S3, E13)
The Naked Man (S4, E9)
Benefits (S4, E12)
Three Days Of Snow (S4, E13)
The Window (S5, E10)
A Change Of Heart (S6, E18)
Farhampton (S8, E1)
The Time Travellers (S8, E20)

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  1. That is a very good list. I think I´ll watch them all again before the new season! :)

  2. Bad News and The Final Page, Pt 1&2 are always on my top 10. Great list dude!!