Sunday, 6 January 2013

Liam Gallagher Hits Out At Noel And Reunion Rumours

Liam Gallagher is up to his old antics and causing a stir by declaring an Oasis reunion is out of the question, stating: ''Fuck Oasis and fuck Noel Gallagher.''

The Beady Eye frontman is no stranger to controversy and did not hold back when questioned about rumours of the legendary Manchester act reforming in the next few years, claiming that it was in fact Noel who started talk of a reunion himself.

''It was Noel who started that rumour, I’ve never said a fucking dicky bird. Fuck Oasis as far as I’m concerned and fuck Noel Gallagher. The thought of going onstage with that fucking idiot and hanging out with his daft mates, the pretend drug addicts and all his snobs from Sloane Street. Fuck that, not interested, mate. We’re Beady Eye all the fucking way.''

Beady Eye are set to release their second album in 2013 and Liam spoke about the experimental nature of the new record, going on to say he was ''buzzing off it''.

His anger towards his estranged brother didn't end there though, as he was quizzed about his happiness for Noel's newfound success with The High Flying Birds. "Was I pleased for him? What, for splitting up my fucking band? I'm not pleased for him, no! I hope he's fucking happy but he doesn't look it."

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