Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Track Listing Released For Crystal Castles III

Here at Heavy Metal Mouth, I for one am incredibly excited about the upcoming release of Crystal Castles III, the third album from the Canadian electronic duo. As previously reported, the album is set to be released on 5th November.

Yesterday track listing was unveiled for the album:

1. Plague
2. Kerosene
3. Wrath of God
4. Affection
5. Pale Flesh
6. Sad Eyes
7. Insulin
8. Transgender
9. Violent Youth
10. Telepath
11. Mercenery
12. Child, I Will Hurt You

''Plague'' and ''Wrath of God'' have already been released and are available to listen to below this post.

Here's to hoping that III lives up to the hype.

Stick with Heavy Metal Mouth for a review next month.

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