Monday, 15 October 2012

Nicholas Winding Refn Talks ''Drive 2''

Nicholas Winding Refn, director of last year's 'Drive', has dismissed reports of a straightforward sequel to the cult hit, but expressed an interest in using Ryan Gosling's driver character again in another film.

The character, known simply as The Driver, made a lasting impression which helped propel Gosling to superstardom last year following his appearances in a string of box office successes.

When asked of a possible sequel, Winding Refn stated: ''That is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We're playing with that idea. We'll see what happens.''

Previously, talk of a sequel had been positive, with Winding Refn saying he intended to make a sequel involving two drivers, one playing a villian counterpart to Gosling's character. Gosling himself has gone as far as to say he would ''love to make Drive 2''. There has also been a sequel published to the original James Sallis book entitled 'Driven' which came out in April this year.

We'll be hoping at Heavy Metal Mouth that the pair can collaborate again soon, for reasons which should be made all too obvious by reading our review of the film below.


  1. The books are supposed to be class, but saying that, I don't believe a sequel to Drive is needed, plus Gosling isnt that type of actor. He comes across a satisfied individual, especially knowing he helped create what will become a "cult classic" in Drive.

  2. If they can use the character in another type of film it would be really interesting. I don't think a sequel would work as much as I'd like to see one.