Monday, 7 April 2014

Kurt Cobain: A Tribute

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain on April 5th, 1994. That day the music world lost one of the all time greatest icons, songwriters and vocalists that ever graced the business and two decades on it's only right to pay tribute to a true legend and incredible artist.

For me, to describe Kurt Cobain and my feelings toward him in words is a futile exercise; everything I can think of saying seems like such a pathetic, insignificant response to one of the greatest musicians in history. So I'll keep it as simple as possible; Kurt Cobain, and a very small group of artists like him, is the reason I listen to music. The passion, energy, love, hatred, anger, venom, intensity and most of all emotion that he delivered to fans throughout his time in this world is unrivaled in music past, present and future. And when you consider the future, it really is so hard not to look back and think 'what if'.

Because if anything ever showcased how much there was left in Cobain to give to his fans, it was that haunting performance in New York on a November night in 1993 when the Seattle native showcased the genuinely beautiful artistry behind his raw grunge and unveiled a deeper, wiser side to a desperately troubled figure that could have taken his already legendary, iconic status to new levels of genius in the 21st century.

I guess we'll never truly know just how talented Cobain really was; the scope is infinite for a man who died at 27 with the whole world in his hands, but what we were left with is even more precious due to its abrupt, unfinished ending. For those who are still listening like myself twenty years later, and will be in another twenty, Kurt Cobain is immortal anyway- the music will never burn out or fade away.

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