Wednesday, 5 March 2014

''Morgan Delt'' Morgan Delt - A Review

Another addition to the psychadelic rock revival early in 2014, Morgan Delt's self titled debut is a lovingly crafted homage to the 1960's, that's more concerned with recapturing the sonic atmosphere of that decade than the melodies and hooks which Temples attempted to recreate. And just like the aforementioned Temples, it's quite difficult to assess Morgan Delt on his own terms due to his immersion into the tightly knit, niche vintage genre that he is imitating.

In fairness to Delt, his approach is a lot looser and less disciplined than his growing list of contemporaries, and this wave of neo-pscyadelica washes over you in a somewhat brainwashing manner, which you can safely assume that the Californian native intended, in the style of his obvious influences. The chorusing ''la-la-la's'' and repeated imagery over backings that I'm sure are intended for LSD style visuals make for pleasant listening on a sober basis (and I'm sure in the depths of a drug binge it's near heavenly), but there's just something about this album that's as distant as Delt's faraway vocals. It's as if the music is lingering on this restained plane for its entirety, choosing to forgo the next level and explode into the ferocious zenith that logically follows in this line of music.

Ultimately, much like this year's other attempt at psychadelic revival in the indie scene, Morgan Delt's initial work is promising but requires a touch more originality and a little less replication, as this record loses much of its identity in its strict adherence to its source material.


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