Thursday, 6 February 2014

Foo Fighters Recording 8th Album With ''Nevermind'' And ''In Utero'' Producers

Foo Fighters 8th album is surprisingly shaping up to be an interesting affair, as rumours circulate that the band will be working with the producers of Nirvana's seminal 90's recordings, Nevermind and In Utero. The band are also alleged to be recording the album in 12 different cities worldwide.

The band began writing material for their 8th release a full year ago in January 2013, and are currently in studio, having Instagrammed pictures of themselves at work in recent weeks, and speaking to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, Dave Grohl claimed the new album would blow people away: "I know what it sounds like and I honestly think the entire concept is really going to take people by surprise and it sounds nuts.

"We recorded something the other day that's unlike anything we've ever done and it starts with a fuse and then it explodes."

Grohl refused to directly answer questions put to him about working with his two previous Nirvana production wizards, Butch Vig and Steve Albini. Word has spread of the possibility of the band using both men since a fan, known only as Wes, claimed to meet Grohl and Vig in a Chicago bar. The source told reporters: “He (Grohl) has been recording with Butch Vig & Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, using a never-previously-used recording technique that’s unique to this analog studio.”

The Foo's worked with Nevermind producer Vig on 2011's Wasting Light, but the apparent addition of In Utero engineer Albini raises all sorts of questions about what direction the stadium rockers could take. Known for it's controversially heavy, near metal sound, In Utero was seen as a challenge to fans upon its release in 1994 as Kurt Cobain attempted to escape the universal fame and acclaim that came with the pop-punk style of Nevermind. Some sort of fuse of these two extremely different styles could make for car crash material or a magnificent blend that returns the Foo's to full power.

We shall see this year, but for now all that is known about LP8 for certain is that it contains 13 tracks (again confirmed through Instagram) and it will be happening in 2014.

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